Let’s talk about how to build the perfect mum or garter!

  1. Pick the size and shape that you prefer.  There are many different options, from small singles to large quads and everything in between.  The old rule was that you add a mum for each year you are in school.  Therefore, Freshmen get a single, Sophomores get a double, etc.  That trend has run its course and now, there is one rule to follow.  That rule is…there are no rules!  Everything is on the table from Texas shaped mums to Paws to Super Singles!
  2. Embellish your mum/garter top with something that represents YOU!  Perhaps a volleyball or band bear, or a cute stuffed mascot.  Not into plush items? Not a problem.  Maybe a large glittered megaphone for cheerleaders, or a custom cutout with your class year, or a monogram!  The options are endless.
  3. Next we move down to the mum skirt.  Most people prefer a full mum.  The more braids and looped ribbon you add, the fuller the homecoming mum/garter.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match braids!  To achieve a symmetrical and balanced look, lay out your braids and looped ribbons BEFORE you bust out the hot glue.  The mum above has one large custom loop down the middle and is flanked by a gathered ruffle braid, large crazy loops, a victory braid and custom burlap name loops.  It is finished off with a beautiful love braid looped through the large loops.  To add even more fullness, you can finish with a boa or tinsel garland.
  4. Once your  loops and braids are in place, break out your stickers!  Customize your mum by adding your name to the looped or flat ribbons.  The pictured mum also has large bling HOMECOMING letters down the middle.
  5. When your mum is finally together, top it off with trinkets, more bling and buttons!